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 Labrador Retriever Breed Standard

Standard FCI # 122 (29/01/1999)

Group 8. Retrievers, spaniels, water dogs.
Section 1. Retrievers.
With working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Strongly built, knit, energetic, broad skull, wide and deep edges of the breast, waist and back of the broad and strong.

BEHAVIOUR AND CHARACTER: On the good character, very mobile. Excellent scent, a soft bite, a passion for water. Adaptable, devoted companion. Intelligent, insightful ...



History of Labrador comes from the early 19th century. At this time in Newfoundland there was a so-called "small Newfoundland," which was a faithful assistant to fishermen. Englishman Peter Hawker has delivered to the UK several of these individuals, whom he called «St. John's Breed of Newfoundland ». From crossing these dogs with retriever Curly and possibly setter and the Foxhound, Labrador appeared. 

The fir...


So, you bring a puppy into the house, put on the floor and pricked his first steps in your life. And the future of this baby is not so fine and cloudless, as you imagine. Most of the first words for the four-legged newcomer will start with "impossible!" And how do you explain it to him, will depend on the distribution of roles in the near your home. 

"Toilet training". To start your child organize a toilet somewhere in a convenient locat...


 Vaccination of Labrador Retriever 

Buying a puppy Labrador, you must not forget about the responsibility for his health.Only a healthy puppy will bring you the joy of full communion. Of course, it is impossible to foresee all situations, but to protect their pets from serious infectious diseases is needed. Some diseases, such as leptospirosis and rabies, are classified as zooantroponoznyh diseases that are dangerous not only for animals but for human beings. Can...


Labrador - this is a very universal and versatile dog. He's a great companion - a good and loyal friend, a great hunter, rescuer, and customs, a guide and helper for the disabled, the diver and that's not all the parties, in which Labrador has talent.
And so let us consider in detail the basic qualities of Labrador: Labrador - Companion Labrador - The Hunter Labrador - The rescuere  Labrador - The customs officer Labrad...


To begin with, that I never wanted to have a dog, well, I did not have such a desire.The son asked repeatedly, but my wife and all resisted. Once again, his wife has made no request to have objections and asked for my consent. I have nowhere to go, and I gave the nod to buy a dog under one condition, that his son would bring it himself, walk, feed, in general it will be fully engaged. Son Of course he said that he would certainly take care of all the burdens of caring for a...


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