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 Vaccination of Labrador Retriever 

Buying a puppy Labrador, you must not forget about the responsibility for his health.Only a healthy puppy will bring you the joy of full communion. Of course, it is impossible to foresee all situations, but to protect their pets from serious infectious diseases is needed. Some diseases, such as leptospirosis and rabies, are classified as zooantroponoznyh diseases that are dangerous not only for animals but for human beings. Can only prevent them from vaccination. But how to choose the vaccine among the variety of offerings on the market of veterinary drugs, which also constantly expanded and updated? The quality of vaccines determines their effectiveness and safety. An important factor is ease of use and reasonable price. 

Preparations from Merial has long known in Russia and Ukraine. The company was founded in 1997 by the merger and the Rhon-Merieux MSD AGVET. The company Merial has an excellent scientific and technical base. Its development is supported by two recognized leader in research-driven pharmaceutical company Merck and Aventis. 

True to its tradition of innovation, Merial released into the Russian market a new vaccine for dogs, "EURIKAN", which gives protection against diseases such as adenoviroz, rabies, leptospirosis, parainfluenza type 2 parvoviroz, distemper. The vaccine was registered and certified in Russia and in September 2002 went on sale. 

Each component of the "Eurikana" was investigated again. While working on the vaccine had been applied the latest scientific developments, which helped to increase the duration of protection against leptospirosis for up to 10-13 months, versus the usual six. Moreover, the vaccine not only prevents the appearance of clinical symptoms, but also eliminates leptospironositelstvo. Distemper, infectious hepatitis parvoviroz and still remain the most important epizootic diseases. In order to achieve greater effectiveness of vaccination were increased titers of antigens of plague and parvovirus. At the same time the vaccine is safe for the animal. Its harmlessness tested by administering doses ten times higher than recommended for use. Another advantage of the "Eurikana" is the possibility of its use in pregnant bitches. This effect was tested by a double dose of vaccine increased. 

All of the above for the technical characteristics of the vaccine, but we have not forgotten about the convenience of its application. The vaccine "EURIKAN" is packaged in packs of 10 doses. Bilingual label on the bottle (Russian and English) will help dog owners who travel to exhibitions abroad. 

Simple and convenient vaccination schedule. First injection (DHPPI2-L) is an animal at the age of seven weeks, the second (DHPPI2-RL), is a component of rabies, after 3-5 weeks. Re-vaccination is carried out through the year. . Vaccine "EURIKAN" - this is a high degree of protection against the most dangerous infectious diseases in dogs, an effective and safe. 

Two recommended vaccination schedules Labrador: 

A. Primary vaccination consists of two injections with a booster at 12 months:
7-8 weeks
12-13 weeks
12 months

Two. Primary vaccination consists of three injections for troubled by parvovirozu area, with a booster at 12 months:
4-5-6 weeks
7-8 weeks
12-13 weeks
12 months

To achieve maximum results, do not forget about the routine inspection by your veterinarian and properly carried out de-worming. 

 Deworming of Labrador Retriever

Most dogs are a danger to helminths, or worms. These intestinal parasites are very common and non-compliance with sanitary - veterinary content standards can lead to serious animal diseases. Helminths can affect the brain, liver, lungs, digestive system, blood-forming organs, skin, eyes. Particularly harmful effect on the worms have a young dog. Dogs infected with helminths, are lagging behind in development, they have weak hind limbs, unsteadiness of gait, marked diarrhea, constipation, eczema, and even seizures. Such animals are more susceptible to infectious diseases. Treat the same zaglistovannuyu dog from infectious disease is very difficult. 

In dogs parasitized six species of worms, but the most common are round and flat. To avoid trouble, you need time to carry out deworming your retriever. Purchase specialized drugs (Drontal plus Poliverkan, Vermoks, Rental) can be in the veterinary pharmacies and dekaris and pyrantel in conventional pharmacies. Just follow the dosage, which is specified in the instructions. Weigh your dog and calculate the dosage. Overdose can lead to serious complications, down to the death of the animal, and the lack of dosage does not get rid of parasites. In cases of severe zaglistovannosti require repeat deworming after 10 days. If your house is home to several animals, spend time with similar events all to avoid the danger of re-infection with worms from each other. Ten days after deworming a dog can be vaccinated.Deworming adult dogs should be carried out every six months. Be sure to check the expiration date of the drug selected. 

 Protecting of Labrador retriever from ticks and other parasites

Usually ticks attack dogs during walks in places, overgrown with bushes and tall grass. Just adherent mite no bigger than a pinhead, sucked the blood, it can reach the size of large beans. 

Be sure to carefully inspect his Labrador after each walk for ticks and carefully combed hair. If you notice stuck to the dog tick, in any case, do not try to pull it, because this only comes off the body and the head remains and causes inflammation.To remove a tick on it should drop some oil, alcohol and gasoline. After a few minutes the tick will disappear either itself or weaken the grip, and then you can get (preferably with tweezers). After removing the tick treat the wound by 5% solution of iodine. 

Not every dog is infected, if it attacks the mite. Unfortunately, the mite is not specified, it can infect or not. So, now your main task - to closely monitor the health of your pet, and several times a day to measure his temperature. The incubation period lasts piroplasmosis 6 - 10 days. The disease is most often acute, but may be chronic, as well as hyperacute, when the dogs die in a few days. Therefore, detection of symptoms should immediately contact a veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and taken for treatment. 

Symptoms that need attention are: 
- Increasing the temperature to 40 - 42 ° C. Normally should be 37.5 - 39 ° C, with small breeds to 39.5. 
- Also speaks about the possible infection of apathy and refusal to feed. 
This is a non-specific symptoms that are common to many diseases. 
- If the dog appeared blood in the urine, yellowing of the visible mucous membranes and whites of the eyes should immediately show the dog to the veterinarian! 

The diagnosis of piroplasmosis to put on the basis of clinical symptoms, medical history (detection dogs in the skin attached ticks), epizootiological data. Crucial are the results of blood smear microscopy. But, since the parasite is present in red blood cells are not at all stages of the disease, lack of piroplazmy in the blood smear does not exclude piroplasmosis. In such cases, the diagnosis is based on the disease animal, clinical history and results of other laboratory tests (urinalysis, blood chemistry, complete blood count). Treatment is carried out in two directions: 

A. For the destruction of the pathogen used drugs of organic dyes (Beren, azidin, veriben) and derivatives imidokarba. The common property of these drugs is their toxicity is not only in relation to the pathogen, but also to the patient. Because the drugs do not have a preventive effect, they are used only after diagnosis, under the supervision of a veterinarian! 

Two. For removal of toxic and maintain the body using a large number of drugs: saline solution, vitamins, heart medications, etc. the amount and duration of treatment depends on the patient's condition. In any case, the recovery period lasts at least one month and requires a control analyzes. 
Prevention of piroplasmosis is to prevent the attack of mites on the animal for the dogs treated with acaricidal drugs that are available in the form of collars ("Kiltiks", "Bolfo", "Harz"), sprays ("Front Line", "Defendog," "Leopard") and drops to the withers ("Advantix", "Lawyer," "Frontline," "Harz", "Bars", "Serko"). These funds are distributed on the skin and hair, not soaked in blood. 

Contacting the treated hair and skin mite dies. These funds are, unfortunately, do not give 100% protection against ticks. effectiveness of these drugs depends on how much time has elapsed since their deposition. Protective equipment should be used in advance (2-3 days before the departure of the nature or on vacation). 

When purchasing protective equipment in a veterinary drug stores or pet stores must pay attention to the expiration date, the integrity of the packaging, instruction in Russian. Instruction must read! It must be remembered that: 
- If you use drugs protivokleschevyh possible contact allergy. 
- When using the spray needs to handle not only the animal's body, and legs, and head, and carefully groin, armpits and behind the ears. 
- If your dog has long hair, the spray flow rate is increased to 2 times. 
- If your dog is bathed often (or if you wash it), then the frequency should be increased protivokleschevyh treatments. 
- Pack drops on the withers should be strictly according to the weight of your dog. 

Carefully observe the animals and regularly inspect it. If you have any signs of illness, contact your veterinarian. Remember, you can self-inflict irreparable harm to the health and lives of dogs! If you have found your dog like symptoms - do not experiment! It is urgent to contact the veterinary clinic, if for some reason it is not possible, use a service call to the vet at home.

 Feeding the Labrador Retriever 

In preparation for the arrival of a puppy, think through in advance, from what dishes will have your retriever. The most convenient cookware - stainless steel. Plastic bowls are much less strong and very short-lived. It is better that the dog since childhood, during the meal stretched up to a bowl placed on a support (it can be done yourself, but, in principle, now stands on the brackets are sold in many "dog store and buy them no problem), which fixed on a tripod, depending on the growth of the animal at the level of the elbows or slightly higher. Because of this, your pet will develop the correct posture. 

Be sure to check with the breeders, to which feed the puppy accustomed to the time of sale. Weaned from the mother and the disappearance of brothers and sisters, unfamiliar surroundings - all this creates a serious stress for your puppy, so the first few days in your home it may be a poor appetite. Do not worry! To change the conditions of detention took place smoothly, try to keep his usual diet. In the future, you can gradually accustom your dog to the feeding pattern that you think is the best.

In general, feeding schemes can be divided into three groups: 
Traditional, in which a dog is fed only natural foods: meat-based soups, cereals and vegetables, cottage cheese, raw meat, fish. If the diet is chosen correctly, the dog will be in great shape, and quality of supply can only envy. But this scheme at the same time has serious disadvantages: it is rather difficult for the owner of an option, time consuming, not always the cheapest. If the diet is chosen incorrectly, the resulting imbalance can result in various diseases: vitamin deficiency and hypervitaminosis, rickets, etc. Unfortunately, it is often that the owners, feeding natural food, the meat in every way save the dog gets almost naked cereal, which, of course, is no good. 

Feeding dry food. Now in Russia and Ukraine can purchase a variety of food companies, but still better not to use the little-known products, low-quality dry food, of course, no good will not bring the dog. Listing the food fairly reliable, I would like to highlight the following: Purina Pro Plan, Diamond, Solid Gold, Royal Canine, Hills, Eukanuba. These manufacturers produce a wide range of feed, designed for dogs of different age groups and leading a different lifestyle. Assuming a properly sized feed this option is good from all sides: saves time and effort to master, at the same time, the dog get a full balanced diet, with the correct ratios of protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins. 

A balanced food provides balanced growth and development of the skeleton dogs, her teeth, muscles, the excellent state of the coat. Many companies also produce dry feed canned food, which can be added to food - dogs, they tend to like very much. 
Mixed feeding. The use of high-quality dry food, plus meat, cheese, yogurt, crackers.In this arrangement, feeding should be strictly adhere to one rule. You should not stop at one bowl of dry food from the soup - in one feeding you give a dog only dry food, and other feeding - for example, meat-based broth. In addition to dry food, you can give your puppy cheese, the best home (the ratio of milk and yogurt 1-1) or calcined (milk + calcium chloride), meat (preferably pre promorozhennaya lean beef), fish (only the sea: cod, hake, ice fishing, in any case do not let my retriever fatty fish, and pollack), dried black bread. Of the cereals - buckwheat and rice. Oat meal often leads to frustration of the intestine, so it can be given only if the dog learns its okay. 

What conclusion can we draw from all of the above? There are advocates of various schemes of feed. You can choose any circuit. If your dog is in good shape - do not lose weight or gain weight, she has no signs of allergies, coat in good condition, shiny - it means that your feeding option suits your retriever. If not, then your feeding scheme has serious flaws, and it makes sense to you to review and correct it. 

The diet of an adult dog shall have the following relations: meat diet - 10-20 g / kg body weight, fat - 2.1 g / kg body weight, carbohydrate - 5-6 g / kg body weight. For puppies, these rates are 2-3 times higher. The number of feedings depends primarily on age. Puppy one or two months should be fed 5-6 times a day, three or four - four times, five months and over 3 times. Adults retrievers are usually fed twice a day, morning and evening. 

If you decide to feed your retriever dry food, it is very important to him to pick up. So, all worthy food companies are divided into different groups on the energy value, vitamins and minerals, and address the needs of the dog since birth until the end of life. There are food for small puppies, puppies, adolescents, adults and senior dogs and lactating bitches, dogs with high and low physical activity, long-haired dogs, etc.The required amount of feed on the dog's weight indicated on the package. As a general rule, puppies can be given food with a fairly high amount of protein - 32%.Sometimes owners give their puppies to feed AGR36, but such a high amount of protein is still intended for the larger breeds of dogs. We retrievers with this dietary may develop obesity. With age, the retriever begin to forage with a low amount of protein, typically 25%. All this is quite an individual, since dogs, like people, different metabolism. One dog may eat very little and be full, and the other retriever have to give a double portion of food so that it is in normal form.

Good condition retriever is defined as follows: rib dogs must be probed with light pressure. If a dog's ribs easily felt, picked up a groin, the waist is clearly visible, comes through the ridge - this means that the dog is exhausted, that is totally unacceptable. Retrievers to their appearance to resemble the zucchini to be streamlined, make sure the presence of subcutaneous fat layer, because the Retrievers - water dog, she should be able to swim for a long time, even in quite cold water. Very thick fat dog - it's too bad. First, it's just not aesthetically pleasing, with the dog to expect good results at trade shows is not necessary. Even the beautiful thoroughbred head with such a huge body seems disproportionately small. It may sag back, "go," leg. But the saddest thing that obese dog can not be healthy. It can develop many diseases, including coronary heart disease. 

The only BUT: if you are stopped on the street owners setters, shepherds, etc. and sagely informed that your dog is fat scary, do not listen. Maybe your just Retriever is the most that on there, "retriverskoy" condition. If you can not figure out whether the normal condition your dog, bring it to the Club show dog handlers, or visit a major exhibition, and carefully examine the body condition retriever-winners. 

Some dogs are given to specific food allergy. If you start to give the dog a new food, do not just buy big bags. Feed the first small bag, if there is an allergy, the dog is in good shape, only then you can go to this feed. In good companies, there are special lines of food intended for dogs with allergies (lamb with rice). 

Whatever scheme you do not adhere to feeding, remember that you should not give your pet: 

Sweets (cakes, chocolates, cakes, etc.) and other foods containing refined sugar. 
Fatty foods, which is difficult for the liver of dogs. 
Bones, whose fragments can damage the gut dog. 
Smoked foods, spices, lots of salt. 
Pasta, potatoes. 
Cow's milk. Lactose cow's milk is not digested by dogs because they lack the enzyme lactose. The consumption of cow's milk can cause a dog with severe disorders. So let's just my retriever dairy products. 

Do not forget about water. In a separate bowl should always be clean and fresh water.

 The content of Labrador Retriever 

Prepare your puppy a place where it will spat.Razmestite it away from drafts, and the battery is not actually pass to the baby feel calm. You can put a puppy on a conventional mattress. For an adult dog it is desirable to make a special cot (size 60 x 90 cm) tall with legs about 20 cm (so you can help protect your puppy from drafts, and you will be more convenient to carry out clean). 

Train a puppy labrador for cleanliness is not difficult. As a rule, he chooses a specific place in the apartment as their toilet. Cover the newspapers all over the floor and wait until your baby will make its case. Praise him, you can reward some delicacy.Gradually, the puppy has learned to go to the toilet only at this place and you will be able to lay the newspapers there. 

Two weeks after the second vaccination with a puppy can start printing it on the street immediately after waking and after feeding. Once the retriever will understand what you want from him, he himself will try to endure. If you buy a dog before the summer and immediately move it to the country, no problems with the house soiling does not occur. Generally Labradors in the country are accustomed to the cleanliness of five to seven days. 

Stock up on toys for your puppy. If he is, that chew, you do not have any problems with damaged shoes, torn wallpaper, curtains and tablecloths, destroyed books. Make sure that the toys did not have metal parts - dogs can swallow them. Do not let your Labrador to pull the stick with the other dogs to pull the cloth or leash. All this may spoil the bite. Do not leave on a low table books and other items, not throwing shoes, be sure to try to close or remove the puppy from the telephone and electrical wires. 

Get the personal hygiene of your dog, massage brush, shampoo for dogs. Wash Labrador rare: before the show to get a better hair shone, and if the dog suddenly rolled in some moldy stuff, wash after estrus females. 

From the start of two months to train a retriever to the collar. In the future, need to buy different harness first, walking collar and leash, a sufficiently broad and robust, with a strong snap hook, collar - always with a welded ring. In any case, keep the muzzle, and accustom him to the animal. If you walk with your dog in the show, be sure to keep exhibition equipment: noose or exhibition elegant silk cord to match the dog. 

Properly Take puppy on your hands, always two hands. You can not pick up the puppy by holding the front legs and covering his chest with both hands under the elbows. Do not stroke the puppy's head and ears! You can damage the ears. Dress collar over his head, too spoiled ears. 

Remember, the Labrador Retriever - active dog. Walk with her more, alternate walking on the leash taut with free progulkoy.No do not have to wear retriever to exhaustion, exercise and walk the dog should be a joy. Good training for the musculoskeletal system is raising up the stairs, running up the hill. Up to ten months, do not allow your puppy to jump over obstacles, it can lead to injury fragile limbs and spine. Never allow children to sit astride the dog, the dog should not creep under the bed, a chair - all this leads to a deflection of the back. Labrador to teach a harness for pulling the sled or skier can be no earlier than 1.5 years, and the load must be increased very gradually. 

Treat your Labrador carefully, provide him the right conditions for development, and in return you will receive a cheerful and a loyal friend, who did not find an equal.

 Labrador Retriever in trips and journeys 

Trips in the car

Labrador loves to travel by car, which he considers moving its litter. If it is still small, help him to climb and descend. Do not ask him to jump. He needs to avoid jumping, because they can harm him. In the warm season, if you have to stand, always leave the windows open, even if the machine is in the shade. 

Excessive heat is dangerous for him. The dog did not try to jump out of the car, train it is always waiting for your command before you exit. 

To teach her this is very simple. Quite a few times, and very noisy as soon as possible to slam the door or trunk lid when she tries to jump. If you have to make long trips with multiple stops, or on a winding road, it is better to put the dog in a cage. In contrast to the trunk, it will protect the dog from shaking, and in cases when it comes to brake abruptly. 

When the Labrador Retriever, get used to the car, he may try to jump into another car when the door is opened. Maybe he looks at it as a means to get to his favorite forests and even more beloved waters. And for that all means are good. As a result, driver of the vehicle may be inadvertently lost or stolen dogs, not even suspecting that he had a passenger. Teach your dog not to jump into the first car, deliberately creating a similar situation and stopping it with the command "No!" When she tries to jump into someone else's car. 

It is necessary to prepare the box and Labrador: 

- Call the airline to find out the requirements for the manufacturer and size of box 
- To go with the dog in a pet store, dog compete in different boxes to choose your 
- If the dog is big and the box can not lift the handle on the roof, do not skimp on the wheels to the box, so it will be easier for both you and the dog, because the box will ship loaders, and at some airports remove the dog from boxing prohibited. The wheels really ease your move 
- The bottom of the box lay a large absorbent cloth (available at pharmacies), there lay a warm but lightweight blanket, a couple can 
- Do not put any toys that the dog could bite through 
- Do not put any food or vkusnyashek 
- On the box write the name of the dog, flight number, direction (Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport - Tokyo Narita), your name and phone 
- Need to hang on the box automatic water bottle (with ball) with plenty of water (liter plastic bottle or polutoralitrovuyu) 

- For a week or two before the flight to start giving soothing herbal 
- ONLY on the advice of your veterinarian. Something like "Ivory Bayun" or "Fiteks" 
- To train a dog to boxing: boxing make a comfortable and cozy. First, just put it back bedding, toys and nothing to do two or three days. Then talk to the dog, send it back to the bone. Then leave it there with a tasty bone for half an hour, then for an hour or two 
- The day before the flight, it is easy to feed your dog, good walk - on the day of the flight well even walk a few times to play, do not feed. Nothing at all. Only drink. At the height of the dog can pull out, it may crap one's pants and sit on a wet and muddy it would be very bad 
- At the airport be calm, do not pull, caress and soothe the dog behave naturally 
- On arrival take a walk the dog, but do not strain it, feed something easy, it is possible in two parts, calm down and put her to sleep in a warm soft place.


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