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About Us

To begin with, that I never wanted to have a dog, well, I did not have such a desire.The son asked repeatedly, but my wife and all resisted. Once again, his wife has made no request to have objections and asked for my consent. I have nowhere to go, and I gave the nod to buy a dog under one condition, that his son would bring it himself, walk, feed, in general it will be fully engaged. Son Of course he said that he would certainly take care of all the burdens of caring for a dog. 

And then the question arose how to take the same breed, and we started thinking about it. I was not a strong expert in dogs, but a little reflection I have come to mind Labrador. A good and intelligent dog, a beautiful, wonderful companion, a large breed (small, we did not want to). After reviewing the information on the Internet, so I have to choose - only Labrador. Find an acceptable proposal was a matter of technique. 

And now the four-month black puppy crossed the threshold of our apartment, and immediately rushed to the kitchen. I just had dinner. Before I could blink, and how this miracle rose front paws on the chair and pulled out of my stuffed cabbage dish, and recorded it for a few seconds. Thus began my acquaintance with Labrador. I picked him up and stroked. And then I had so much love and affection for him, as I could, and did not even imagine. We called him Richie. 

Since then, it's been 4 years. Often we think with my wife about how we ever lived without such a miracle as our Richie. How much it gives us joy. The pleasure we derive from it can not be compared with the inconvenience of detention dog. As he jumps with joy every time you walk into the house and tries to lick face. In those moments you think as well that you have me have my labradorchik. 

Son's zeal for the care of a dog was enough for a few days. The whole care of it fell on my shoulders with his wife. But we have never regretted that they took such a miracle. Of course at first puppy has done little harm. Where could get torn wallpaper and nibbled trim in the hallway, spoiled little shoes and bedding. One time I was watching TV, suddenly disappeared videosiganal. Intuition told me that there has not been without a Ritchie. I went out into the corridor, and then it all became clear - the puppy bite the cable. Now we remember about it all with a smile. But then we, however, was not amused. 

So I decided to make a site dedicated to this wonderful breed.



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