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So, you bring a puppy into the house, put on the floor and pricked his first steps in your life. And the future of this baby is not so fine and cloudless, as you imagine. Most of the first words for the four-legged newcomer will start with "impossible!" And how do you explain it to him, will depend on the distribution of roles in the near your home. 

"Toilet training". To start your child organize a toilet somewhere in a convenient location, and send a newspaper lay a puppy there. Dogs originally quite clean animals, while still in the nest by the mother at the age of 21-23 days, the puppies from the litter are already hobble to the side to make their case. In a half to two months usually they have clearly seen the desire to defecate in a certain place.Thanks to your efforts, this will be where you specify, but not where the dog itch.Paying little labradorchikov into the hands of new owners, I usually explain that to get used to the toilet you need to spend time, and two or three days, kids are well learn that the toilet can not be everywhere, except for a newspaper in a particular wall. Only when the owner praises and rejoices in his dog, a very understandingly student.Practice shows that at the end of the first day of my owners are perfectly happy voice tell me that "such a clever puppy is already understood." 

"Do not extort food!" In the kitchen (read - in the holy place of issue of food) puppy to do nothing until it will not call back. You and only you decide when and how to feed the dog. Be firm, and as long as the puppy barking hysterically, jumping and scratching you, he gets nothing. Stop all painful pocus by the feet and hands quite confident. Once the flow of emotions decrease, catch the moment when the puppy sit near you (he's just trying to choose another method of influence on you, and for this he should at least focus) and then put before him a bowl of food. The main thing is to have time to rest at the moment. Further feeding will have easier, the puppy will be less and less time to spend on a scandal, and quickly learns that in order to eat, you just need to shut up and stop. If you are from the category of very compassionate people and try to quickly feed the puppy under his onslaught, then write a first defeat of his authority. 

"Do not enter!" Where do you want to relax without the dog (eat, read, work) - was not anything to do. Locked doors will not help solve the problem, and the nerves have with you iron, money for repairs has not yet acquired, so after you are confident of the words "not here!" should be followed by concrete action - remove an dog from the room door. Look at the owner can not cross the threshold line and nothing else. Of course, your exposure should be proportionate to weight, age and breed puppy.Thoughtful, but stubborn Labradors is uniquely easy pushing will not help, the dog is not resentful, and health to deal with you they have in abundance. "Vyshvyrivanie" should not turn into a kind of game - who - who. The dog should not enjoy what it struggling, otherwise - you can write a regular loss. Always be consistent and demanding of himself and the puppy. 

"The bed is impossible!" Those who before the arrival of the dog in the house wanted to be with her in bed - this paragraph can not read. 
Thus, the bed - a holy place of the most important thing in the house - the owner. A small puppy, cozy one prikornuvshy you under the covers, always remember it with what incomparable pleasure. The huge dog with dirty paws, and flying in all directions, hair, lying in your bed, causing an attack of healthy anger. So, dear owners, bed not only a question assertions by rank, but also a question of hygiene. 

Wean the dog from that pleasure is quite difficult if it is (fun) is once received. Coming home from work, you find crumpled up and cool down the bed, and a sleepy little dog, the rising lazily from his seat on the floor. And you never have time to catch the dog in the act. 

Judge RKF - Grammatchikova MS rasskazyvet: "I want to share their experiences, both once and I weaned her dog climb into bed. My labradoriha, aware that in my room to sleep on the couch she is not destiny, got into the habit at 2-3 o'clock in the morning to come to 10 - old son and go to bed at his feet. And, very quietly and gently so as not immediately found. son woke up only when he could not turn a 35 kg body weight. So we decided to switch places - the son got into my room and I have him. At two o'clock in the morning labradorka quietly entered the room. She went to bed and thought, something of her guard. I stood still, covered with a blanket and not move. bitch sadly sighed and walked to the feet can be seen, the desire to sleep overcame wariness gently. Dog gently rose on its hind legs and began to slowly build on the front, leaving the center of gravity of the body. I was amazed how everything was left to chance! And at a time when it was almost all on a blanket, I abruptly sat down and covered her head with a blanket with the words: "Surprise!" Nothing else at this point, I had not occurred. Dog bullet flew to the floor, with a twist lomanulas his place in the hallway and in the morning looked absolutely shattered. More on the bed she had no complaints, and came to the nursery only with me. " 

"Spoil things can not be" very difficult "impossible" for the young and curious. To begin with remove everything that you will be sorry for, to a height of 1.5 meters. Do not leave anything valuable and enticing the puppy, who has no idea about the cost of things. Active labradorchiki find things to do in your home. Before leaving, give the puppy toys or bones unbreakable, it's for a while will help keep your apartment in a relatively general form. It is best to purchase a spacious cage, where the dog could easily spend time in your absence. 

When did this happen - to poke his nose puppy pogryzennoe useless. This is tantamount to punishment for your dog to revenge for his own impotence - all eaten shoes, stripped walls, flowers destroyed - did not do, I'll go even pounizhayu dog!"Yes, he understands everything I have just come, and he was to blame." Familiar, huh? Are you in the mirror look at this moment! His face twisted from the thoughts of the projected scale of destruction, movement, nervous, jerky, from you comes the spirit of overt aggression. As a rational animal, a dog is ready to advance position of subordination, not only would have killed to death. 
Get together, smile, pat you caress the villain, stepping scraps of shoes, and the puppy he will offer you along with him to remove a strip of wallpaper or two. Here's where and when the wrath of timely and logical. A clear "no", supported by a solid slap in the time of the crime will be more effective in learning to keep things away from the master, at least in your presence. 

"The people do not jump!" When the owner returned from work, from an excess of emotion our young (and it passes quickly) dogs are ready to climb up to the neck. So, setting feet on the family and the desire to be taller - it is a question of authority. "Do not jump!" - Under the words leap to be sure you have suppressed. I usually taught to abandon defenses of their or others' puppies sharp push the shoulders down, while lifting them from the earth. Two or three abrupt jolt, supported by appropriate words and gestures, result in the baby's feelings. Blows his knee did not seem to labradorchikov effective. Dogs are transferred to the game and you will not find yourself in a perfectly happy puppy and find yourself strongly drawn into the fascinating canine entertainment. 

Baby soon becomes a healthy dog, and your task at the entrance to the apartment will take a more reliable position near the wall, bite the bullet and wait for the storm of emotions subside. In this position, at the landlord you are quite similar. So start your pup to explain this rule from the first minute of being in your home. 

"Do not bite!" Many owners are suffering from acute teeth of their puppies. The first bite should be immediately suppressed. You should be in a split second to react sensitive slap, cuffs, or shaking the scruff, so that the puppy is no longer made attempts to try to force your teeth. Observe how the female is the mother of children taught to abandon defenses to bite you. It makes it quite painful! And kids learn to play gently, without causing harm. One mother of eight, "a man" - and each of them understandable, as it should, and do not have to behave. You have only one puppy - do not let yourself eat! 

"Do not play when you do not want" The young pups will dictate the terms of their games and the time when they would like to frolic. In the morning, waking up on shoes and socks that you shove in the face, you do not want to join this fun game. Do not pay attention or be angry at the dog, but do not throw brought you a thing! In general, it does not touch and do not heed. The dog just waiting for this. No matter what words you have to otshvyrnete slippers, it is important that you suck! Labrador on the Labrador, and then to again and again to bring you items without being tired. 

Just do not be taken literally my words that the dog does not need to play. Of course not! When you want it, call your puppy and ask him to run for a ball or other toy, run or jump with him, sex on him in the end. It all depends on your imagination. Train, play! Termination of the game - and your initiative. Remember, the main man in the house - you. Be the initiators of games and tricks, plan time, communicate with your dog. 

"From the dirty paws do not enter!" Teach your puppy to sit down after walking in front, so you can wash his feet. Especially good is obtained from the owners, who feel sorry for the beautiful carpets are dirty. The main thing is that even when it's clean, the dog is still at the entrance to the apartment to sit, waiting for her to be allowed to pass. 

Of course, this is an incomplete list of your relationship with the dog, because dogs often suffer from the inconsistency of our requirements. Today it is possible, tomorrow - no, no! Yesterday was taught to wait patiently for his bowl, tomorrow morning feed directly from the table. 

"To me." Command "Come" begins practiced when the puppy is well learned his nickname. This team is extremely important. On walks, no matter how far your puppy does not run away, no matter where zapropastilsya, whatever trouble or threatened him, the command "Come" should make it closer to you immediately. Testing of this command requires that the owner of the limit of attention, patience, kindness and perseverance. For a puppy the command "Come" should be associated with all sorts of nice things - socializing with your favorite host, affection, feeding or simply delicious. 

In the morning, when the puppy woke up and it's time to feed, take a bowl of breakfast in hand and pay attention to the dog, calling him by name. When the puppy will turn on you its highest note, affectionately call your "Jerry, to me," and with it, put the bowl in a place reserved for eating. When the dog will go to eat, again gently, "Come" and thus try to interest the dog food. When the puppy went to a bowl, repeat the "Come" and give him food. 

Further, at each feeding the commands "Come". Give the bowl with food only when the puppy close to you on your team. At first, it makes sense to give the command "Come" with the name of the puppy, and then gradually move to a team "to me." 

However, conducting such activities only during feeding is not enough for the assimilation of the team. In between feeding, when the puppy is not carried away by some occupation, when he is not far from you and, better yet, watching you, it is necessary to call him affectionately by the name of fun and give the command "Come". Here you can pat yourself invitingly on foot, or about himself on the floor. If the puppy does not fit or will fit sluggish, repeat the command louder and show him his favorite treats. If this does not help, start quickly move away from the puppy, giving the command "Jerry, to me." When the dog finally come to you, encourage and praise the delicacy of her "Good for me! Ah, well done!" 

Such exercises should be performed every day until then, until the dog learns the command. In the future, this command is supplied, as necessary, but its implementation must be encouraged with praise and a treat sometimes. If in spite of the efforts of your puppy does not command, and you feel that the occupation begins to bother him and he was tired, stop the educational process, take the puppy game, or try a walk - in fact, distract him. After resting for a moment then, when he is free from the affairs and entertainment, fun and energetic, and gives the command "Come". Run up the puppy and treat stroke goodies. Such exercises should be performed every day until then, until the dog learns the command. 

The command "Come" requires the unconditional fulfillment, and better not to submit a team than to submit, but do not achieve. Therefore izbegyte apply the command "Come" when the puppy is busy with something and can not pay enough attention to you. 

Take into service a rule of three "P" - gradual, progressive, Persistence. And you have a lot to be obtained. 

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