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Labrador Training for Hunting

And one more thing. The command "NEAR" is considered mastered when your dog is on your left, his head in line with your leg in a position to move. How can this be achieved? This is achieved in a period of training a puppy ATTENTION. Attention to you and your teams. To secure this very important aspect of education, in teaching the command "NEAR" provoke unexpected and sharp turns in all directions, but one step away from such a change, tell the dog the command "NEXT" and the whistle once the whistle. Then, without stopping the traffic, in case you are turning left, hit the knee or shin puppy, caught you on the way. Of course, initially, your movement should not be too fast, and therefore the impact is not very sensitive. In the case of your movement to the right, after "NEXT" and a whistle, sharp poddernite to my puppy and keep moving, constantly repeating the command.Usually, short presentations of 2.3 at a slow speed, and 1-2 with a brisk walk to your pet was very attentive, looking into your eyes or occasionally glancing at your left leg. Do not forget to praise your puppy properly when properly performed by the team. 

Now, about the time of exercise. All what we are told, should take you no more than 10 minutes. And then the game. And of course you also need to participate. And no not "APORT" and catch, tag, distillation, valyalki, pyhtelki, kisses and more. And not any pieces! 

Well, a team of "ME", produced by itself. Once during a game with you or without you after the game, the puppy he runs to you, shout to him: "ME" and the better the first time, sit down on his haunches and raise his hands, as if to embrace, which is not a sin, and come running to make puppy for you, but only after delivering your team "to me." And then praise, praise and praise again. Possible and trigger a puppy to execute this command by running away from him or if he was distracted by something, quietly or openly, having gone from him. If the puppy is still small, do not go away within 10 meters. This may scare him and he is very long then it will refuse to move away from you. For this reason, very careful with the puppy to play hide and seek. 

If you plan on using in the future, his pupil on a real hunting or hunting trials, after "TO ME" make two short and sharp signal whistle. Actually this is the team of "ME" for hunting. The command "TO ME" - a confirmation of your authority in the puppy and your credibility. 

If you do not trust the puppy, do not let go of it with a leash, and if they get down, then adjust all his actions, always-FU arises, raise his voice, punish or deliberately pronounces, do not expect you to trust in his hand, and then forget on the performance of the team coveted "me." 

After describing how you can bring in a little gambling and obedient Labrador assistant hunter who would like to introduce Ukrainian Labrador, which has repeatedly confirmed its performance. The first Labrador, which has received official diplomas, was my breeding bitch from our first litter named Gabriel Eibl office Cressey Blake (owner A. Zavadskaya). Surprising to many hunting was her versatility. After a three degree 3 degrees for a duck, captive wild boar and blood trace can not much.In addition, Gabriel has won many shows and producer of excellent, with a nursery and started the "Black Diamond". 

Over the years, many hunters spoke with gratitude of their Labradors. Among them: Water-Eva Hunter (owner Mikhail Chernov), Thorir Black Cressey (owner Tarjanne), Duch Black Cressey (owner A. Drutis), Kara (owner Demchenko). 

I want to say a few words about our cattery. Our nursery is part of the Kennel Union of Ukraine since the first day of its foundation. So we were very pleased when KSU developed a test for the condition of hunting retrievers. And the first winner of an international certificate of quality of working Labradors became Ihopesheriff Delle Acque Lucenti (owner Zavadskaya). Particularly pleased that the Ukrainian breeding Labradors have not lost their breed dog signs podruzheynoy aportirovschika. I especially want to highlight these dogs: Val Dan Black Diamond 
(Owner Reef), Wald's age-old oak (owner Kachurina), Bruce Empress Voyage (owner Mishchenko), Rhonda (owner Zavadskaya). All of them were born in Odessa, and have the best blood of Ukrainian cattery "Black Cressey" (owner Obapolenko) and "Black Diamond" (owner Zavadskaya). It was there, in Odessa, twice a year, trials and competitions hunting dogs being awarded an international certificate. Black Otter Cressey (owner Karpenko), Laika Lady Black Cressey (owner Obapolenko), Egri Selik Visa Black Cressey (owner Winnick) and many others, too, are preparing for these exams. 


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