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Labrador through the eyes of the trainer

In those days, when I learned the basics of dog training, and later - began his career as private providers, it was difficult to predict the future popularity of this wonderful breed. To be honest, the Labradors, like most of the species, so familiar to us now, then really did not know anything. We have seen pictures in foreign books and magazines, and occasionally met with in Russia, dogs called Labradors, but napominayushih these illustrations are only remotely: big, black, angular, and the character more similar to today's Rottweiler. I remember another question arose: what is the retriever? Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a dog to hunt. I then met representatives of the "Labrador" obviously would prefer a good fight or detention of the offender, and a careful search of game tray ... 

Therefore, we can say that the first meeting with this Labrador, I was not ready. By that time has traditionally appeared enthusiastic publication of the first breeders' labradoristov "and there were rumors about the incredible" intelligence "and the universality of these dogs.Frankly, I regarded the information is cool, I thought it was just "advertising" another newfangled dog. As the owner of Newfoundland and German Shepherds, Labradors, I doubt that will "beat" on "intelligence" first, and on the universality and popularity - of the latter.Fortunately, soon I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Labrador is very close, to dispel their doubts and "in their own skin" to enjoy all the features of this species, of which there really was not enough ... 

One of my old friend suddenly called me to ask for help. She and her husband really wanted to have a "smart dog", so bought for huge money Labrador. But somehow it turned out that he was not "smart", it is not being heard, and trashes the apartment, and besides, they urgently need to leave for some time abroad. So they are asking us for a good reward to shelter at the time this irrational, but still beloved dog. The desire to finally get acquainted with this intriguing breed somehow overcame me all sensible ideas that I have an eight-month baby's father, the owner of three adult dogs and a resident of a tiny rented flats. In those rare moments when I forget that I canine, I will condemn such decisions. But then a professional interest in once again completely drowned out in me all worldly logic. After a couple of hours of merry Brighton has cheerfully running around our humble abode. 

From the first moment Labrador has to itself. Cheerful, cheerful, always cheerful and friendly. He constantly performs actions that need to be irritating, but it is quite impossible, and, later identified as useless to get angry! And it does not immediately make out in this smart, kind, full of deep respect, it seems, is really a trick dog eyes, a certain irony and naughty. After an hour of communication with Brighton, I noted that perhaps the enthusiasm about the many Labrador «IQ» not without reason, by the end of the day began to conclude that the dog is really very clever, and the next day have thought that, probably right ones who thinks this breed leader in ingenuity. All further communication with my Labradors occasionally accompanied by surprise, "I knew, of course, that they are smart, very smart, but so much so that - surprise!". 

A chat with Labradors in the practice of the trainer-zoopsychologists I had a lot, perhaps more than any other breed. Shortly after my first acquaintance with her, the breed has gained deserved popularity with lightning speed, and the choice of the leader of the state in favor of it made simply no bad taste of this intelligent and yet a completely frivolous dog in the family grave people. However, Labrador perfectly fits to almost any family, which are ready to give him enough time and effort to love him and understand. And it's not as easy as it seems at first glance. Labrador most clearly embodies all the features of the behavior characteristic of the modern population of urban dogs in general. The fact that he is very clever - no doubt, but those who are used to communicate with dogs such as Alsatian, a Labrador will not be easy. And not because he is inferior to them in intelligence, wit, flair, endurance. With this as the time at Labrador in order. It's just different. For a dog of this breed need compulsory service to a person completely obvious. He was the main thing that life was more interesting as possible. How many new experiences, emotions, (does not matter which ones, most importantly - new!) - This is the most basic need for Labrador. And if the service of man, of good behavior, performance of tasks of any complexity - the most effective way to get interesting impressions of life - not against Labrador. He even himself, without further orders and directives, step by step from your side will show the ingenuity, flexibility, enthusiasm, offer these solutions to the problem about which you have not guessed, is "work up a sweat," not knowing the fear and fatigue, but it Only in one case: if at first you show the flexibility and ingenuity to prove the dog that serve man, or simply to be obedient - a very interesting and entertaining book. A "default" diligence and obedience from him do not wait! Initially Labrador obvious is that the greatest interest in life is a chaotic activity, tricks and vandalism. 

Labrador - was fully endowed and very unpretentious. Now in Russia and around the world, in addition to the original performance, hunting, function, it is used with great success for virtually all types of services: search, rescue, safety and even for the most complex - a guide for the Blind. And of the many areas he has managed to oust long-recognized professionals, such as German Shepherds. Thus Labrador can be practically perfect family companion dog. He finds common ground with other family members, regardless of gender or age. However, remember that if you do not come up with the proper use of all the advantages of Labrador, he is sure to come up with it myself, but there is no guarantee that a proposed method of self-fulfillment you will enjoy. In other words, not being on time and deliberately aimed at the right and convenient for people around the channel, irrepressible energy Labrador can become destructive. Therefore, when deciding to buy it, of course, beautiful dog, think about whether you can give him a decent physical and "intellectual" and can handle the load you with the education of the dog. 

There is a Labrador and another feature that is confusing to people used to bring a dog rigid methods, or just a guided approach, "the dog should be." Most dogs of this breed is not very sensitive to pain, and, moreover, they are not, in principle tend to be afraid of something. If labrador decided to come to grips with some "enemy", the size and aggressiveness of his opponents did not bother. Even if it is from the beginning to suffer defeat, he will fight for as long as ... he does not get bored! And then quietly go away to seek new adventures, vigorously wagging his tail. Of course, in any breed there are representatives from the different nature of the original and different education, but mostly Labradors completely fearless. Their attitude towards conflicts and fights (though, like everything else) can be described Lushe of youth by the word "cool." I happened to pull apart brawl with Caucasian Labrador dog. The "Caucasian" was very embarrassed by the fact that this time he somehow failed to traditionally "look for a quick", but the Labrador did not seem to embarrass his crippled legs and huge wound - he is in no way happened was eager to fight. Even more curious incident happened once in gardening near Vyborg, where I had virtually rescued from violent Labrador two (!) ... South African Boerboel! Their obvious physical superiority could not break the spirit of the local "authority" - feral Labrador thrown in horticulture someone from truckers. Once I finally managed to subdue the assailant in abeyance, which has living space is left scars, and we were able to continue with obedience classes Boerboel, Labrador aside repeat after us all the exercises, not the hope that it will taste reinforcement not just out of interest. 

So if you expect to be used as arguments for raising Labrador belt, whip, and other items that seem daunting to you, you immediately want to disappoint. In the eyes of a Labrador you will look like a comic character rather than tragic. The penalty will not be for him something terrible and serious, but rather, will be seen as an interesting new experience. He always finds a way to "leave you out in the cold." With astonishing cunning Labrador I ran just the first zankomstve. Already mentioned in this story Brighton was once left in a room where there were bags of dry food for dogs. It was already late in the evening, two other dogs that were in the apartment, sleeping peacefully beside me when I'm through the thin wall very clearly heard the rustle of the package and the characteristic crunch. Thinking that Brighton got to feed, I simply walked into the room, but there were no traces of the crime, "the suspect" was sleeping peacefully under a table in a different end of the room. I went back to the kitchen, thinking that I heard, but after a few minutes the noise was repeated.But this time I found the same picture. The third time I found the opportunity to observe what is happening in the room through the gap. Making sure that all was quiet and I probably started writing the letter again, Brighton stealthily toward the bag and began to hurry, but taking care not to make too much noise, absorb food. When I lifted a foot stool to let him know that I'm going back to the room, Labrador hastily went under the table, quickly rolled over on its side and closed his eyes and began to snuffle expressive! That's the first time I appreciated the intelligence of this dog! I think it is no exaggeration to say that not every child is able to calculate such a combination. Characteristically, it takes a few steps ahead to predict not only the possible actions, as in the visible and the alleged circumstances, but the expected response to these rights and the overall result of a combination! Rational activity at a level found in animals are very rare. Not to mention the obvious artistry, which was performed this trick. Even Stanislavski, probably would not have found occasion to utter his famous "I do not believe you." 

A second similar case occurred much later, when I was the owner of a hotel for dogs. While I made a clean room in a "guest"-Labrador, he quietly crept up behind me and pulled me sticking out of his pocket a detachable handle of the door number, then popped it in his mouth on the street, managed to slam a door! I was locked inside a room with metal bars and solid doors, specially made so that without this control can not be opened from the inside. Urchins, and this was not enough, and he was teasing me, jumping up with a pen in his mouth to the window, as if to show that the pen with him, and my position was deplorable, and therefore the status of the king and the crown of creation of nature is temporarily transferred to him. I did not know whether to laugh or cry to me: canine with the experience, not just re-educated presumptuous wolfhounds, was fooled by the dog eighteen months, and have risked all night in their own skin comfort rooms dog hotel! Saved me just what a bully does not have guessed that I still pull off a mobile phone, which by happy coincidence, was with me. I'm not too surprised if a few years and the dog will calculate it. 

As you can see, intellectually, to suppress the Labrador Retriever is also not so easy. So the main thing, which teaches us to communicate with these dogs - is the need to move away from the old, hard, consumer and mentoring methods of education. Labradors, like most of today's dogs, it is impossible to educate, guided only by what we want them to get.Education is only possible in a dialogue. The appearance of these dogs makes us develop a qualitatively different relationship with the tradition of animal (if you think about more serious - all relationships: with the world, with other people, with children). We'll have to get used to paying attention to the inner world of the student, to reckon with its features, laws and requirements. In addition, the need to monitor their own discipline, logic, consistency in education. And then the result will exceed your expectations! But this is a topic for a future article. 

Dmitry Tarasov 



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