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Labrador - Companion

Labrador is an excellent companion. Throughout the world, Labrador is one of the most intelligent, obedient, reliable, and talented companion dog. The modern Labrador - friendly, nonaggressive dog. He's a great helper-companion. 

This is a great dog for the content in a city apartment, thanks to its thick fur, and proper combing, you almost do not notice the hairs on the floor and furniture. Labrador will sleep in the place where you allow it. This is a great dog - madly in love with children, happy to play.Labradors are completely devoid of aggression, it has neither the people nor to the tribesmen, or to other animals. 

There are rocks, which are not utilitarian instincts, their quality is not measured by any figures, and not describe in words, their purpose is particularly valuable. It's a dog to communicate, companion dog. At all times, in all countries were valued loyalty, understanding, spiritual contact. Everyone needs an attentive, catching every word and movement of a friend who would be happy to accompany you anywhere, share the joy and sympathize in the grief, the loneliness will brighten up. It is to such and refers the breed Labrador. He is endowed with a special kindness to the man (cultivated by hereditary factors), which is one of the main qualities of a companion


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