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Labrador - The Hunter

The first Labradors were brought to England with fishermen and settled in Dorset. Very soon the news of their amazing abilities to the abilities of apportirovke spread across the country, these dogs are interested in the rich landowners. Will they become good podruzheynymi Retriever? And Labradors did not disappoint. Heart of the English aristocracy were subdued by these reliable, balanced, obedient dog that is great apportirovali and worked equally well both in water and on land. Perhaps this column Malmsbari. Second Labradors are required so popular among the English aristocracy.According H.Uayls-Fonds, the graph is very hit these dogs, fast and easy searching for fish in the harbor. He decided that they are ideal for search and submission game, they can be used for hunting at his estate. 

Prior to the "era of retrievers' hunt was a leisurely pastime, because guns were charged for a long time, and pointers, setters and other hunting dogs were allowed a maximum of two birds shot down for the shot, all the rest of the time they were resting. Most of the game just disappeared, why was needed quickly and efficiently collecting bird dog. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the game could fall into the water, so the dog had to be reliable, fearless and strong swimmer. Following the graph Malmsbari interested in Labradors and other aristocratic hunters who bought them in the northern port cities. Popularity among the English aristocracy Labrador was due solely to their wonderful working qualities, intelligence and temperament features. 

Today, Labrador, and now used as a hunting waterfowl - ducks, geese, and on land, where they work in tandem with cops on the pheasants, partridge, woodcock, goose, duck, grouse, etc. So, is podruzheynoy Labrador hunting dog, which specializes in finding and applying a bat a bird, and therefore he must have a range of qualities. 

• A good retriever (apportirovschik) always brings the game, and gives such a way that it does not hurt, that is, He must be so-called "soft palate". 

• Labrador Retriever should be very comfortable with the shot. Dogs that are in the huddle shot, hide, run away with tail between its legs, can not be called a true retriever. 

• Lab to work with enthusiasm and energy, do not be afraid to go for the game, even in the thick reeds, and certainly not afraid to go into the water, even very cold. 

• Labs are very obedient and always work in contact with the hunter. At the same time in the work they have to show initiative and a certain independence. 

• Labradors differ a great desire to work and have good endurance. They should never be ripped off in the search and bark at the animals without a team hunter. It is these qualities that served as the basis for the formation of rocks, are the foundation of many occupations Labrador. 

Says Andrew Chmelevsky owner and Labrador Yarvet Ale. 

Q: Andrew, you've recently taken a great interest in hunting. How did this happen? 

Answer: The Passion for hunting, I came after school to Yarik search and filing of a bat a bird. We drilled Yarik a bird more than 3 years, moving gradually from the easier of the third degree to the highest - the first one. The main motivation of our studies was the fact that our dog likes to work on the bird - this passion and enthusiasm is impossible to convey in words! And most importantly - it is transmitted, and the owners. Over time, the question arises naturally: how a dog obtained knowledge and skills applicable in practical hunting? Will we be able to hunt with Labrador in our environment of the 21st century? We were lucky, we met this enthusiastic and professional in matters nataski and practical hunting - Gennady Ivanov. With his help, was able to realize his plan for a long time - to prove that you can use a Labrador in this hunt. Our second El Labrador began to train a bird to 3 months, with a 5 - on a blood trail. Now he is old enough, and I take two Labradors for hunting. 

Q: What do you think has changed is Yarvet since I became a real hunter? 

A: Very! Yarik changed immediately after he became coach of the bird. But he fully disclosed his abilities and is on the practical hunt. He became more manageable, self-confident and serious. I would characterize these changes as follows: there was a Labrador favorite job that brings him great joy.Looking at him on the hunt, I would have never thought that Labrador can be so serious and responsible. Moreover, many of Labrador seen me at work testing confirms my idea: Labrador, received the "work" or "specialty" change for the better. They seem to understand that they have a favorite thing that they benefit. In general, live a full, happy life. 

Q: Tell of your experience - at what venison can really work Labrador? 

Answer: In all the books about Labradors you will find a mention of the fact that they were derived for the submission of a bat a bird, and, as a rule, working in tandem with island cops, and afford such hunting in England in the 19th century could only people wealthy enough . But we can not ignore that we do not live in England, and in Ukraine, and not in the 19 th and 21 th century, and the realities of our hunts are diametrically opposed. We have different climatic conditions, land, we have a totally different game, and, of course, other hunting traditions. In particular, in the Odessa area not only to hunt the bird, as it is now very little hunting season is relatively short, and for many other reasons. I believe that the most effective hunting in Labrador is to work in tandem with cops (especially pointer) on the bird (pheasant, partridge, quail) or in conjunction with the hounds on a blood trail (rabbit, fox).From Labrador can be hunted in the traditional goose, duck. Although I like the "union" pointer, wire-haired dachshund, Slovak cops and Labrador. We are often joined by Kurzhaar, drathaary and huskies. Each of these breeds has its own specialty, all together they make a great team. 

Question: How does the environment of these hunters are Labrador? It is no secret that retrievers are not well known among our hunters ... 

A: Initially, we were faced with skeptical smiles and candid banter. There were certain traditions.Serious hunters do not consider Labradors as working dogs. Keep the house at the same time, for example, pointer and Labradors - financially costly. For many decades, our hunters use more generic and drathaarov Kurzhaar capable apportirovke. Even such an outstanding hunters as, say, Slovak cops, very hard to infiltrate the environment of our hunters, distinguished by well-known conservatism.We do not impose the view that the Labrador - an exceptional hunter. This is an excellent apportirovschik, he adds that the team of dogs that have the best instincts and speed. Working in a team clearly sweeter specialization. For example, under the pointer lifts the bird shot, and labrador apportiruet it, including the wounded game. Neither the pointer nor the other breeds do not spend time looking for a bat a bird, and he himself a hunter does not have to climb through the bushes. So respect to the five hunters Yarik appeared in exactly 45 minutes of a joint hunt. It is remarkable that they have to call up Yarik, that he gave them the bird in the hand, and he is doing, immediately returning to help other dogs in search of birds, especially in the thick reeds. I very much hope that hunters will be in the numbers of hunters labradoristov as Labradors will be able to successfully complete the functionality of their dogs. 

Q: Tell us an interesting case from the hunt. 

A: There was a hunt for partridge. Poynter picked up a shot of a small flock. We have seen that the two birds fell. They were immediately found. Suddenly, we see how Yarik carries in his teeth something else. He gave my hand a live quail, wounded animal with a broken wing. Obviously, this was shot quail hunters before us, the wound had already begun to tighten. Without spending a patron, I got a booty. This example shows how useful can be Labrador hunting. In conclusion, I would like to advise all owners to train their pet Labradors any profession. Believe me - they'll be happy and grateful to you! 

Materials are used: 

Hunting with Labrador on a duck 




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