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Labrador - rescue

Labrador rescue one of the earliest starts to work in the field of disasters, rescuing people under the rubble of destroyed buildings, from avalanches or in the icy water to save drowning. 

Labradors are ideal for rescue work, as distinguished by good humor and incredible passion to the search. The first quality is very important for search dogs, as people under the rubble of collapsed homes and so on, in a state of shock. They may scream, push, or even attack their savior. Therefore, dog rescuer must not show any signs of hostility, even in poorly behaved people. 

Training Dogs to the Rescue is conducted through a series of special exercises. The simplest exercise is as follows: a man playing the dog runs away and hides from it. The dog must find and bark at him.Dog rescuer should be able to find all strangers to her people in a totally unfamiliar terrain. After mastering the simple exercises to begin more complex. As a result of this disaster scenario played out, where the dog must demonstrate their working ability. In order to Labrador could be a real lifesaver, a professional, not enough to just be able to find people. You should be able to work in any environment, even very complicated, do not be afraid of the narrow manhole and the shaky ground beneath his feet, able to ignore the roar of machinery, explosions and ignore the people who work in the neighborhood. 

One of the most difficult task - to teach the dog not to be afraid of heights, because this fear is innate in the dog. Training takes place in several stages. 

A. Dog vested in a special climbing equipment. The instructor in the game gradually pull it off the ground. 
Two. When the dog gets used to not touch the ground legs, its starting to hang over the land, gradually increasing the time and height. 
Three. A month passes first descent from the heights of the third floor. 
4. The peak of training a dog is dropping from a helicopter. 

Labradors are also working in the service of salvation in the water. In this profession Labrador requires special skills that the dogs are trained in special courses. Retrievers are taught to obey commands in the water, towed the drifting boat to rescue a drowning man. For example, to help a drowning man, the dog must quickly swim to it, to allow the victim to grab at his hair, or harness. The dog must be healthy and physically strong, as such work involves a great exercise. 

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