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Labrador - a guide and helper for the disabled

A balanced character and innate caution Labrador is best suited for a guide for the blind and helpers for people with disabilities. 80% of guide dogs in the world are Labradors. They are calm, alert and well oriented in space. Labrador can remember the 45 routes. For comparison, the German Shepherd - only 20-25. 

Labrador guide helps the visually impaired do not get lost, right to cross the road. For people who are lonely, and deprived of meaningful communication, the dog will be a great friend, will brighten up the loneliness of his love and devotion, will be the "eyes" for the beloved master. 

According to the results of three studies was recognized as the best Labrador guide dog. The study was conducted jointly by the University of Melbourne and the Association of Guide Dogs Australia, as well as professional breeders labradors. For example, 60-70% of all guide dogs are Labrador in Canada. 

Six months of training will make this dog a professional guide. Education begins with the fact that the dog is taught to stop at an obstacle and avoid it. To do this with a dog trainer is a kind of obstacle course right in town. Manhole covers, curbs, cars - the dog learns to recognize danger. In conclusion, preparation - the exam. The dog must hold an instructor in the city on their own, without prompting, this canine wearing black opaque glasses. 

In many countries, Labradors are excellent assistants for deaf people and people who can not walk or move around in wheelchairs. 
We offer you several videos on the use and training of Labrador as a guide for the blind 






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